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Intranet - Extranet Development

Contrasting requirements have led to the development of diverse networks. Dot Net App Development India is the official choice for customers in the development of intranet and extranet web portals. We provide a wide range of features in this regard.

Prominence of Our Intranet Extranet Development Features

Dot Net App Development India specializes in web application development process through the kind of expertise it has garnered over the years. At DNADI, we are focused on the security of applications as well besides design and modeling.

Intranet and Extranet Features of DNADI cover
  • News Feeds and RSS

  • Knowing about the events in and around your community is best possible with the help of latest news feeds. You need to set up tabs to receive the latest information for RSS as well.

  • Market Updates

  • Share market quotes along with property indices will benefit you from a financial viewpoint. Your chances of benefiting in the forex markets too will increase with market updates.

  • Weather Reports

  • Flexible apps are provided form us in a dedicated fashion through intranet web portals so that you can get automatically updated with local weather besides climate conditions across world.

  • Memos and Tasks

  • Remembering important tasks that are to be performed on time is a task cut over. However, we ensure that the process of setting up memos to accomplish tasks is easy.

Intranet Web Application Development India with DNADI

The services offered by Dot Net App Development India are considered to be competitive as well as cost-effective because of our market presence. Valuable applications are provided along with exclusive features so that the business solutions could be obtained while scaling down costs. We spearhead your necessities to get going in the marketplace where the trends are frequently changing as per the customer requirements.

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