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Our Domain Expertise

Rich Internet Application Development India

Characterizing numerous desktop applications into a single web application on the lines of Rich Internet Applications is best possible with Dot Net App Development India. We have got the domain expertise with which we are able to provide customers with a comprehensive software framework that allows for the downloading and uploading of files dynamically.

Dot Net App Development India (DNADI) has been in the field of application development for several years working in close association with Microsoft technologies. Additionally, we have achieved the distinction of Microsoft Gold certified partner with which we are able to serve with robust RIA features.

Here are some of the best advantages we have got on offer:

  • Development of applications with Rich Client Deployment model
  • Provision of Sandboxes for rigorous testing of various applications
  • Improved security even dynamic accessing of applications is allowed
  • Reduced client/server loads with the flexibility in deployment of applications

RIA Development with Dot Net App Development India

Application development experts at DNADI make robust use of RIA features to provide with the best advantages for customers. Thus, we create more applications that can be customized as per the present business requirements.

Our Advantages include:
  • Reduced loading time for applications
  • Less requirement of internet bandwidth
  • Faster processing of requests while accessing
  • Plug-in browser that need to be downloaded just once

We offers Rich Internet Application Development

Testing each web application with the extensive features of the sandbox ensures that the customers have got the maximum flexibility. It is even possible to download applications without stressing the bandwidth levels too much.

Get Benefited with us for RIA Development India

Dot Net App Development India shows a lot of promise as far as the development of applications in the future is considered. Our domain knowledge about RIA serves as the perfect launch pad in unleashing our own applications that are unique in quality and comprehensive in functionality.

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