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Silverlight Customization India

Dot Net App Development India is the most reputed company for IT staffing solutions. Our technical team takes into consideration several aspects that are related to latest software developments like Silverlight. In fact, we offer the best Silverlight Customization services in the industry that are unbeatable.

Dot Net App Development India is the frontier in providing customers with best applications that offer maximum security and enough reliability. The best advantage we offer is that our applications could be readily deployed as per the requirements. We focus on various media formats like .WMV and .MPEG so that uniformity could be achieved at the time of functioning.

Silverlight Customization with Dot Net App Development India:

There are several benefits when the applications are customized with the help of Silverlight features. Some of the best features are as mentioned below.

  • Dedicated access with the enforcement of security checks to XAP
  • Security has become a major concern for businesses functioning in cross-platform arenas. We stabilize your business activities by backing them with Silverlightcustomization.

  • Better organization of modules with the concept of PRISM structure
  • Every module is targeted towards a precise application for the performing of a specific function. At DNADI, we have got the expertise in developing modules.

  • WCF data services for better Content Management System (CMS)
  • Managing content available on the websites through a dynamic functionality like CMS has been in contention over time now through WCF standards.

We have groomed Silverlight experts at DNADI in such a way that your extensive requirements are met instantly. This ensures that you save costs besides running your business profitably.

Providing applications and customizing features reflecting the requirements of customers have been our core strengths at DNADI. Also, we always strive to achieve better quality standards every time we offer our services.

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