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Silverlight Deployment Services

Addressing customers issues related to different file formats and multimedia is not an easy task. However, the services of Dot Net App Development India (DNADI) have been valuable so far. We customize web applications based on Microsoft technologies so that the standards are implemented to the core.

Benefits of Silverlight Deployment Services:

Dot Net App Development India follows the Silverlight Deployment Guide in order to furnish with maximum benefits as far as application reusability and customization is considered.

  • Video Decoding facility with GUI representation
  • Optimum support for 3D Graphics that is inbuilt
  • Customizable playback options for Media files
  • Valuable applications with Microsoft Silverlight that run across any platform
  • Pitch adjustment features for Multimedia formats
  • Robust application initiation services on time
  • Extensive modules favouring deployment of Silverlight apps
  • Dynamic web components that allow cross-browser enhancements
  • Reducing overheads in building up new applications
  • Enhancing the business functionalities with maximum effort

Silverlight Deployment Services:

  • Deployment of animation effects or rich 3D features in RIA
  • Deployment of Window mobile based application solutions
  • Develop and deploy custom plug-ins for existing applications
  • Development and deployment of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Deployment of Silverlight enabled WCF services
  • Deployment of video or audio files in your web application

Silverlight Deployment Features:

  • Provision of XAP file for Silverlight deployment
  • Testing features to enable application standardization
  • Silverlight Enabled WCF service for a better feel

Dot Net App Development India specializes in Silverlight web application deployment to cut down your business operating costs and increase organizational value. We, at DNADI, have mastered the art of deploying web applications according to your current needs.

Contact us today with your silverlight deployment services requirements and we will do the rest.

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