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Silverlight Development India

Dot Net App Development India is a dedicated company concentrating on various Microsoft technologies and platforms including the latest ones like Silverlight. We specialized in Silverlight 4 Development, Silverlight 5 Development, Flash Silverlight. We ensure that Rich Internet Applications could be run with the help of the comprehensive application framework.

Our focus is to allow you to stream media that are included with advanced graphic versions and animated images. We, at Dot Net App Development India (DNADI), make best use of CLI coding for all Silverlight applications.

Silverlight Development Services.

  • Integration of multimedia, graphics, audio, video and image files
  • Rich internet application development using Silverlight
  • Provision of a single runtime environment while using XAML
  • Optimum support for Windows Media Video (WMV) files
  • Application development in ASP.NET Silverlight
  • Dynamic loading of content with XML Documentation included
  • Silverlight plug-ins development
  • Silverlight customization
  • Silverlight Application and UI design

Benefits Of Silverlight Development Services:

  • Enhances user experience by developing audio, video and animation rich website
  • Offers a flexible programming model - supports Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby
  • Provides extension to JavaScript with Silverlight applications
  • Design to deliver next generation Rich Internet Application using Asp .Net
  • Run client side application without refreshing whole page
  • Helps in developing widget and game applications for windows based mobile phones
  • Dynamic programming logics based on IronRuby
  • Inclusion of graphics and image with UI core
  • Flexible playback options for WMA and MP3 files
  • Maximum data binding convenience with XAML features

Dot Net App Development India is pioneering the field of business applications where the scope for using Silverlight is a maximum. We ensure that the customers get benefited in every way with advanced accessibility options to data and other media files.

Our application experts at DNADI will guarantee maximum security as far as deployment of Microsoft Silverlight applications are considered. We ensure that 64-bit browser support is available for you with Silverlight 4 and 5 development, which is the latest version.

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