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Silverlight Enhancement Services

Dot Net App Development India (DNADI) excels in providing Silverlight features that are not only enterprising but also fulfill business requirements. We have our developers working relentlessly in honing the concepts to befit your needs. Running your browser with any plug-in will increase the feel for sure besides flexibility.

Powered with the Microsoft advantage, Silverlight is the best solution in terms of customization and deployment. In fact, the enhancement for existing applications too could be provided with the runtime features in a comprehensive fashion.

Silverlight enhancement features with Dot Net App Development India:

  • Increase the involvement of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Running various applications and programs across different browsers in an interactive environment requires a robust technology like the one possessed by Silverlight.

  • Extend the browser support features for any of the platforms
  • One of the major issues addressed with the inclusion of Silverlight is the optimum support garnered for Windows platforms including the latest versions Vista.

  • Optimize support for multimedia files for more flexibility
  • Playing different file formats should not only be easy but also effective. Microsoft Silverlight features perform the same encompassing the functional aspects of Adobe Flash.

Benefits of Silverlight Enhancement Services with us:

  • Smoother streaming functionalities
  • Maximum content protection features
  • Offering maximum coding security
  • Allowing for the ready deployment of modules
  • Defeat database constraints which helps you in hiding the difficulty in the enhancement of Silverlight applications.
  • Embedding of HTML concepts inside Silverlight for more robustness
  • Data binding assistance to increase the application efficiency

Securing your business with latest Silverlight enhancements like differentiating between Capslock and Numlock is one of the advantages we offer to our customers. The problem of Stack Overflow too is handled by us in a dedicated manner.

AJAX libraries offer maximum support to Silverlight in enabling it to work with different file formats in a simultaneous manner. Audi and video files, apart from image files, could be easily interpreted with more clarity.

Dot Net App Development India has got all the technical expertise that is need to convert normal features into unbeatable ones.

Contact us today with your silverlight enhancement requirements and we will get back to you with cost effective solutions.

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