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Dot Net App Development India is the most recommended firm for solutions and services as far as Microsoft technologies are considered. Having achieved the Microsoft Gold certification already, we are developing with no leaps and bounds covering various applications including, ERP, Business Intelligence and CRM.

Business Intelligence

We ensure that our BI solutions are complete in all respects like data management, data extracting, data warehousing and data analysis for every business application of yours. Performing business analytics as per your basic requirements is something that we ensure at the least. Our BI experts are adept enough in handling metadata as well.

e-Learning Solutions

Having ventured into technology segment already, Dot Net App Development India (DNADI) is in the process of expanding its base to cover other paradigms as well. eLearning solutions provide virtual classroom assistance while concentrating on K-12 Technology-enhanced learning. We are proficient in computer-aided assessments too.

Custom Software Applications

At DNADI, we take the process of software applications development a step further. Instead of providing you with just the final product, we ensure that each of our applications get customized as per your requirements. This approach will benefit our customers the most in making them stay ahead of their times.

Social Networking

Communication technology is improving at a faster pace. Realizing this concept early, Dot Net App Development India has already into providing trendy apps for your social networking needs. We assess and provide dedicated features for you to take maximum advantage of social media.

Business Process Management

We are the pioneers of BPM services in India representing Microsoft technology services. Integrating various business applications of yours as per the need is something that we uniquely concentrate on. Our technology experts are readily willing to provide with the best business processing applications for you always. Look at our wide range of business solutions to benefit the most.

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